Castelo Bilingual School

Castelo Bilingual School is a private school for kindergarten and elementary school in São Caetano do Sul that aims, primarily, three essential values - knowledge, cooperation and autonomy; three fundamental aspects in the construction of personalities who believe in the close relationship between knowledge and social and cultural transformation, cooperation and building solidary and sustainable communities, autonomy and the development of democratic relations.
Castelo Bilingual School's commitment to Education and Culture translates into the quality of an educational project based on constant reflection, in line with what is most advanced in the areas of knowledge related to Education.

The student is the raison d'être of the pedagogical proposal of Castelo Bilingual School. This means the intention of enabling children and young people to acquire and produce knowledge, respecting their individuality. The relationship of mutual trust and the identification of the parents' community with the basic values of the School are fundamental factors for the full realization of the educational proposal.

What happens in the Castelo