Mackenzie method

The student will always be encouraged to cultivate Christian virtues, such as respect for his own body, respect for the close and care for nature.


Nossa Missão

Colégio Castelo is a private school for kindergarten and elementary school in São Caetano do Sul that aims, primarily, three essential values - knowledge, cooperation and autonomy; three fundamental aspects in the construction of personalities who believe in the close relationship between knowledge and social and cultural transformation, cooperation and building solidary and sustainable communities, autonomy and the development of democratic relations.

Colégio Castelo's commitment to Education and Culture translates into the quality of an educational project based on constant reflection, in line with what is most advanced in the areas of knowledge related to Education.

The student is the reason for the pedagogical proposal of Colégio Castelo . This means that it is up to the College to provide children and young people with the acquisition and production of knowledge, respecting their individuality. The relationship of mutual trust and the identification of the parents' community with the basic values of the School are fundamental factors for the full realization of the educational proposal.

Modelo Pedagógico Cognitivo-Interacionista

The Mackenzie Teaching System (SME) was created with the purpose of developing excellent teaching materials that help educators committed to Christian principles and values in carrying out their tasks.See below, 10 Reasons for your child to study with the Mackenzie Teaching System

Cognitive-Interactionist Pedagogical Model

It associates the deductive reasoning of the knowledge transmitted by the teacher, continuously involving the student in the activity of investigation and reflection.See below, 10 Reasons for your child to study with the Mackenzie Teaching System

Web Portal

Information, projects and suggestions for activities for educators.

Literacy proposal combined with the Phonic Method

Teaches the student the correspondence between symbols and sounds by developing activities of analysis and synthesis that will support an effective interaction with the object of knowledge.

Abordagem interdisciplinar e visão integrada dos conteúdos

Substitui um modelo em que as matérias são desvinculadas entre si por um modelo que associa os saberes teóricos aos saberes práticos e aos saberes éticos e morais.

Completo Manual de Orientação ao Professor

Com sugestões de procedimentos e atividades para serem aplicadas em sala de aula.

Pedagogical Proposal in Harmony with the Christian Worldview

It interweaves the areas of knowledge with biblical values and principles, so that the student has an integrated and multidisciplinary view of the contents.

Various Support Materials

CDs with songs, stories, posters and a careful selection of educational materials.

Simple and Attractive Graphic Design

The presentation of the material motivates and facilitates learning, delights the child and makes the school period as pleasant as it is effective.

Freedom of the partner school to run its own projects

The teacher is an active element in the educational process, having the freedom to create activities and projects that meet the peculiarities of the school.