Fundamental I

At this stage, the school offers a new organization for work. Understanding this new routine and mastering the necessary procedures to learn the contents is a challenge is a real and motivating challenge. Combined with family expectations, these school novelties make students excited and available to learn.In Elementary School I, the work of teachers aims to adapt students to routine and more complex school demands, as well as to build new skills, which will be useful throughout school life. One of the axes of the pedagogical work consists of strengthening the student's role and, although the children already bring some achievements from the previous grades, they assume the need for study and the commitment to tasks in an increasingly significant way.


The disciplines of this segment are grouped into areas: Portuguese, Mathematics, History, Geography and Sciences. All taught by a multipurpose teacher, with minimal training in pedagogy. The classes in English, Spanish (4th and 5th grade), Philosophy, Technology, Arts, Music, Financial Education and Physical Education will be conducted by specialist teachers.

Colégio Castelo's curriculum is organized as a spiral , in which the concepts appear many times over the years, with increasing degree of complexity . understanding and deepening are privileged, and memorization is seen rather as an instrument of learning. Learning situations are always significant and, when possible, integrate more engaging projects.

Among other resources, didactic sequences are activities organized according to the possibilities of students' understanding , which ensures that they establish the maximum possible relationships between the contents , resulting in real knowledge . School situations are important experiences that bring a lot of knowledge beyond the disciplinary ones.


As tarefas para casa são diárias e abordam conteúdos importantes, relacionados ao trabalho desenvolvido em sala ou podem complementar a aula dada.

A escola dá especial atenção ao compromisso com a execução e a qualidade das tarefas. As lições de casa são um elo diário de intersecção entre a escola e a casa, e, quando o aluno ainda não consegue se organizar autonomamente para responder a esse desafio, a participação da família torna-se fundamental.


The choice of the evaluation system results from the methodology, so that it starts even before the learning activity, being present during the work with the students and also at the end of the process. For each content, what students should learn and the evaluation criteria, or the indicators they have learned, are defined.

During the quarter, several tools will be used for teachers to probe the effectiveness of learning. Among others, there will be Multidisciplinary, Specific Partial Assessments, Main Tests, Homework and Homework.


The family's participation in activities within Colégio Castelo, establishes the child's emotional bonds with the school. Each year, family members participate in activities in the school environment. They are highly anticipated occasions for all, when students receive their dear guests to do different things together (tributes, cantatas, visits from parents to talk about their professions, friend's day, etc.).


Football, Judo, Dance, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Burning, Indoor Sports, Chess, Table Tennis, Street Dance, etc.