Bilingual Teaching

Castelo Bilingual School is proud to be the only school in the region to carry the title of Cambridge Bilingual Partner. With a program provided by an institution with more than 800 years of existence: 

Cambridge University . Through the English language, doors open to a dynamic and borderless world, allowing students to create bonds and contact with all nations. They become acquainted with new cultures and possibilities, our students become more than fluent in the language, citizens more aware and free to their achievements.

What is bilingual education?

For us, bilingual education means that students study typical school subjects - for example, math or geography - using an additional language (such as English) and some subjects in the first language, or they can study the same subject in two languages. < br> This understanding of bilingual education is linked to other educational concepts, such as Integrated Content and Language Learning (CLIL) and teaching in two languages.

Cambridge and bilingual education

Many schools around the world use Cambridge programs and qualifications as the English medium of a bilingual education program. We are working with schools on bilingual education projects in countries like Argentina, Bosnia, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Holland, Spain , Sweden and Turkey.

Cambridge works in partnership with schools and ministries of education to ensure that Cambridge programs meet national requirements. Bilingual teaching methods vary, but the flexibility of the Cambridge approach means that students can work to obtain a Cambridge qualification through English and also follow their own national curriculum.

We have also developed bilingual programs tailored specifically for ministries of education and groups of schools in certain countries, for example, in Egypt, Mongolia and Kazakhstan.

Our goal is to stay informed of research in bilingual education and to provide support to school leaders and teachers in order to benefit bilingual students.